The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory  :- Hello friends welcome to this beautiful page. This page is all about “The Big Bang Theory”. The Big Bang Theory is Tv’s no. 01 Comedy is going to be end in may 2019. As a well know saying all the good things must come to an end include over favorite TV shows. It sounds really sad but it’s a truth of life no one can run from this. Chuck Lorre Productions, Television, CBS and Warner Boys announced. that the  number one TV show in the world The Bing Bang Theory is set to end in may 2019.


Worlds NO.1 TV comedy show. The Big Bang Theory’s 12th season after breaking record with 279 Episode is running toward it’s end on may 2019. The upcoming series Bing Bang Theory season 13, will be the last and final series for the Warner Bros produced CBS comedy. Television, CBS, Warner and Chuck Lorre production said in a joint statement. They said that “along with the cast, writers and crew are extremely appreciative of the show’s success. For the support that we receive from fans we are forever grateful”. And they also aimed to deliver  final season for Big Bang Theory.


The Big Bang Theory to End With Season 12


The decision for the final season for the “Big Bang Theory” comes in less than three weeks. Kelly Kahl the head, CBS Entertainment said, the network and WBTV were discussing to keep the show continue beyond season12. Kahl also said that “we are in preliminary discussions with Warner bros to renew the show. We don’t believe it’s the final year for the show Big Bang Theory”. On Wednesday Kahl also said In a statement that in partnership with Warner Bros Brilliant Cast. Chuck Lorre Production and Crew that has made a such a Big Bang lasting legacy on TV.


According to Kahl Big Bang Theory is a defining comedy show for the generation. In January the Bing Bang Theory series. star Johnny Galecki  also said that he and the cast would be comfortable ending the show with season 12. He also said that it’s very comfortable with season 12 being a good time to go home and see our families. But we’re all going to be very sad when that day comes.


TV’s No. 1 Comedy ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Will End In May 2019


With that all says guys now the conclusion is The Big Bang Theory is Tv’s no. 01 Comedy is going to be end in may 2019. Worlds no. 1 TV comedy show is running toward its end after breaking may records with 279 episodes. Warner Bros also announced that next series for The Big Bang Theory could be its last and final series.


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