Ponte Morandi Bridge collapsed in Genoa Italy

Ponte Morandi Bridge collapsed in Genoa Italy

Ponte Morandi Bridge collapsed in Genoa Italy :- Hello friends welcome to this beautiful page. This page is all about the towering Ponte Morandi Bridge completely collapsed in Genoa. Ponte Morandi Bridge was collapsed on Tuesday august 14th. According to Italian media dozens of people are dead in this accidental situation. According to news agency ANSA only eleven people pulled alive and then they was transported to hospital by helicopter. There is many pictures on internet and socil media in which you can see a huge portion of the bridge missing and the rubble on the ground beneath.

This is such a unbelievable and heart breaking news. Ponte Morandi Bridge was builded over tracks and some buildings. Accordig to italian media the bride was around 328feet (A10meters) tall. It was reported that there are many cars and other vehical on the bridge durin the bridge collapsed. a dozen of people died undr the rubble in this Ponte Morandi Bridge collapse . After this accident the rescue force could only able to find eleven people who is critically injured but still alive. Ponte Morandi Bridge completely collapsed in Genoa this is such a heart breakable news.

Ponte Morandi Bridge Collapsed In Genoa Italy

The interior minister Matteo Salvini said in a tweet that “The more I think about the deaths of Genoa, the more I get angry”. Matteo Salvini has also promised to find out the person who is responsible for this tragedy and they have to pay for it. Team of more than three hundred firefighters and hundred of other rescue workers looking for anyone who may have survived. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte visited to inspect the site late Tuesday afternoon with other leaders. It’s a very sad and disappointing accident for the Genoa city and also for the Itlain people.

According to national firefighter corps there are around 200 wokers working in collapsed Ponte Morandi bridge’s rubble. Workers are working in hope that they could help people as much as possible. According to workers and engineers other section of bridge might be at risk. The rescue and amergency workers asked to people to leave their house and worlplaces nearby at collapse. Ponte Morandi Bridge was built in the late 1960s, at a length of more than 3600 feet. the bridge was recently subjected to renovation and repair efforts.

The Towering Ponte Morandi Bridge Completely Collapsed In Genoa Italy

According to ANSA  a witness told them lightning had a struck the bridge before it collapased. One of the bridge’s centeral pillars during a violent rainstorm. The disaster of bridge collapase struck shortly before noon.

With that all says gyus now the conclusion is the towering Ponte Morandi Bridge completely collapsed in Genoa. This incident happened because of a strong lightning struck and a strong rain strom. A dozen of people died in this incident under the rubble. Some people was critically injured, they were taken to hospital by helicopters.

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