Mario Moreno

Mario Moreno

Mario Moreno :- Hello friends welcome to this beautiful page. This page is all about Google Doodle’s celebration of Mario Moreno’s 107th birthday. He is also known as beloved Mexican actor “ Mario Moreno”. The Mexican actor Mario Moreno also known as “cantinflas”. Mario Moreno was born in 1911, in a mexico city slum. Mario Moreno was a very funny man. Once Charlie chaplin called him as words greatest and philanthropist comedian. He was born on august 12, 1911 in mexico city’s neighborhood known as santa maria la ribera.

Mario Moreno was one of eight children born to maria de la soledad  reyes. According to new York times In childhood days he was worked as a mail carrier. He also get a chance to earn by singing and dancing on streets. After this he become a member of a traveling tent show when he was a teenager. According to a interview of year 1992 his name was changed as “Cantinflas”. This name was invented to prevent his parents from knowing he was in the entertainment  business. According to Mario’s parents they considered this business as a shameful profession.

As a teenager he worked as a dancer, a acrobat, a singer. and also as a amateur boxer during his travels with the tent show. He also developed his own stage persona by accidently after his trial to emulate singer ‘Al Jolson’.

Mario Moreno’s Birthday Celebration On Google Doodle

He was forced to stand as the master of ceremonies around 1930, during a show. After this he start to work on a persona that stuttered and struggled to pronounce his words. According to a news of New York Times he was seems so nervous on his performance. that his words came out garbled. The audience was amused by the pattern of his nonsensical speech.

Mario was one of the most funny and famous entertainers in Latin America. He is heart winning person, he worked in more than 50 films. He met Santiago Reachi after, perfecting his act on the tent circuit. Santiago Reachi was a publicist and a famous producer of his period. In 1936 Cantinflas was already  mad a debut No te Engañes Corazón (Don’t Fool Yourself Dear) with Santiago Reachi. This film was unable to catch much attention from audience. Reachi convinced him that he would be able to turn the comedian into a star.

Accordin to The Los Angeles Times he was the word’s higest paid comedian during 1950. During year 1950 his yearly earning are more than 1.5 million dollors. He owned five houses, a big swimming pool, a bowling alley, an extensive art collection and a several beauty salon. He is too much addicted for expensive tastes. but still he made a point of helping and supporting people who were in need.

Google Doodle Celebrated Mario Moreno’s Birthday

With that all says gyus now the conclusion is. Google Doodle has celebrated the 107th birthday of “ Mario Moreno” (cantinflas)

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