Christopher Watts murders of his wife and daughters in Colorado

Christopher Watts

Christopher Watts murders of his wife and daughters :- Hello friends welcome to this beautiful page. This page is all about a person who murdered his pregnant wife and two daughter. On Thursday night authorities in Colorado announced that have located two body of two small girls. According to authorities these girls are daughters of Shanann Watts. Shanann Watts was the wife of Christopher Watts who planned murder. According to medical reports Shanann was fifteen weeks pregnant. Shanann Watts was 34 years old and her daughters celeste 4 year and bella was 3 years old. Christopher Watts was arrested on Thursday morning.

Christopher Watts is a average looking  thirty three year old man.Christopher Watts was living in Colorado with his family. In Christopher’s family he was living with his wife and two daughter. The dead bodies was found on a property owned by Anadarko petroleum. Anadarko Petroleum is one of the state’s biggest oil and gas drillers. Shanann’s husband Christopher Watts used to work over there in Anadarko petroleum. Christopher was arrested on Thursday morning now he is held in weld country jail. Cort set him to appear in cort on Tuesday again.

Christopher Watts murders of his wife and daughters

 Christopher Watts was firstly appeared in court with wearing a orange jumpsuit and shackles. According to news papers judge Marcelo kopcow said during the hearing for his warrantless arrest court found some probable causes. Christopher Watts is still not guilty as charged to murder a unborn baby. A few months before Shanann Watts was posted a video on facebook. In this video she is telling to her husband and her two daughter that he is pregnant. Everyone looking so happy in this video.

Before arrest Christopher describes how much he loves his wife and his daughters and how much he is missing them. He said that his house felt empty without his wife and daughters. He told to affiliate that “my kids are my lie” he also said that “those smile light up my world. When christopher’s  wife share a video in which she is wearing a t-shirt. “Oops We Did It Again” these words are on her t-shirt on that video. Christopher Watts responds “Really That’s awesome” in another video.

Christopher Watts murders of his wife and daughters in Colorado

Shanann shares the news of her pregnancy with her daughters. She said that “Guess what girls? Mumma has a baby in her belly”. After hearing this girls envelope her in a hug. Her daughter Bella say that I will give a hug to baby.

With that all says gyus now the conclusion is a murder case was held in Colorado. In this case poloce found three dead body of a mother and probably two girls bodies are her daughter. Shanann’s husband was arrested for charged to murder his pregnant witfe and two daughters.

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